Export Assistance and Consulting

  • Potential clients identification on Country of interest;
  • Costs planning and pricing assistance;
  • Negotiation with international client;
  • International payment orders: Assistance in the various modalities of international payments, from choosing the best option (cost X benefit) to administrative procedures analysis;
  • Survey data to fit the product to each market ;
  • Assistance to tax classification in the common classification of MERCOSUR (NCM);
  • Insurance and freight negotiation: Due to our large number of operations, Target can negotiate more competitive rates than general individual clients;
  • Assistance to procedures for international payments, through bank or exchange broker;
  • International cargo reservation;
  • Assistance to issue Export Customs Clearancedocumentation for Brazilian ports and airports;
  • Assistance to hire a Customs Broker, and complete follow-up of customs clearance procedures;
  • Orientation to issue Export Sales Invoice;
  • Complete follow-up of the cargo, until final destination;

This solution was designed for companies that wish to export, but has no experience in exporting. Our professionals assist the companies through the whole export process, to guarantee agility and professionalism in the insertion of their products in new international markets.