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Economic relations between Brazil and Australia

Last year Brazil and Australia celebrated 75 years of diplomatic relations. Although Brazil is Australia's main trading partner in Latin America, we know that economic relations between the two countries are still timid and have a lot of room for evolution. 

The growth of the network of personal relationships between Australians and Brazilians, combined with the actions of institutions, organizations and governments of both countries, opens space for increasing the volume of trade relations between the two giants of the Southern Hemisphere.

Target Import & Export ( is a trading company and international consultancy with 16 years of market experience and presence in several Brazilian states, China, and Australia.

  • We facilitate the operationalization of commercial activities between companies in Brazil and Australia.
  • We help Australian companies to locate and import products from Brazil.
  • We have established partnerships with Australian companies for the distribution of Australian products in Brazil.

The possibilities for partnership solutions are many. In our structure we have headquarters and a branch established in Brazil that can import with tax benefits and distribute directly to the final customer. Our multidisciplinary team is specialized in market research and has extensive knowledge of legal and logistical procedures for import and export.

We bring some case examples to illustrate possible forms of cooperation:

- Importation and distribution of Australian wines:

We are partners with an Australian company to distribute their wines in the Brazilian market. Instead of opening a company in Brazil to distribute its products, our partner is using Target's structure to operationalize this operation. Target takes care of all the legal and logistical procedures for importing the goods in Brazil. Then, our partner makes the sales and Target invoices and delivers the goods to the end customers, located in different Brazilian states. 

- Export of premium textile products:

We were contacted by an Australian company that intends to import premium textile products of a specific niche from different manufacturers in Brazil. Target will consolidate the orders from different suppliers and make only one export process from Brazil to Australia, facilitating the operationalization of the process and reducing costs considerably. 

Would you like to learn more about possible forms of partnership? Contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

E-mail: / WhatsApp: +61 0466 068 477

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