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Customs tables: what are they and how to use this tool?

In the foreign trade routine, there are several situations in which we will observe specific codes and references categorized in Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) that sometimes do not have an immediate clarification.

Such codes are referenced in the site da Receita Federal do Brasil, onde é possível realizar a consulta. Dentre eles, é possível se orientar e obter as descrições e detalhamento das informações.

What is the customs table?

The customs table is a consolidated number of codes made available by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil. If there is any doubt or more details are needed about information or code, it is possible to consult the customs table by visiting the site.

Normally, when registering a D.I. or L.I., or when accessing a Siscomex page, it is possible to find these codes, also used for various identifications, such as country, NCM, NCM description, currencies, among others. The customs table is important to guide and create familiarity with the codes.

What is the Import Declaration and License?

Within Siscomex, it is possible to consult legislation and processes, register declarations and import licenses, in addition to other specific functions.

One of Siscomex's main activities is the registration of the import license. Some products, depending on their tax classification, must have the consent of some Consenting Body, o qual é responsável por acompanhar a entrada de tais produtos no Brasil.

To obtain consent from an L.I. and obtain its approval, it is necessary to comply with the specific requirements of the legislation of the imported goods, attaching the necessary documentation and presenting to the Consenting Body. After no irregularity is found, the import license will be granted.

It is necessary to be aware of when the L.I. must be granted. Some L.I.s have consent from more than one Consenting Body and others need to be deferred before boarding/or after berthing. Therefore, always pay attention to the legislation of the merchandise.

The import declaration is the document in which the importer must submit to the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil to regularize the information regarding the import process of the goods in question, in order to obtain the import customs clearance. As some products must have consent from some Consenting Body, it is necessary to wait for the approval of the L.I. to proceed with the registration.

After the merchandise is registered and if it is parameterized in the green channel, the proof of importation will be issued and the merchandise will be cleared.

How to access the customs table on the Revenue website?

You can access the customs table at this site or on the link Through Siscomex it is also possible to access the customs table, however, a digital certificate is required for this.

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