About Us

In the Market since 2005, Target is a trading company that also offers International commerce business consulting, developing world wide businesses and building partnerships between Brazil and many other countries in the world.

With administrative headquarters in Natal/RN, commercial offices is São Paulo/SP and Jundiaí/SP, and partner offices around the world, we target our client's trust and respect through quality and efficiency on the services we provide.

Our team is qualified to guarantee quick and effective decisions in any type of import or export processes, assuring to your international business, low costs and agility.

We combine knowledge, expertise, ethics and professionalism to offer our clients the best solutions at any time.

Our research, survey, purchasing and logistics department s are ready to serve you!



Target's mission is to help development of international business in Brazil, by offering specialized consultancy in the field, conquering markets abroad and importing international goods to our market.



Our values guide our actions. All of our businesses are conducted ethically, respecting the law and always trying to beneficiate as many people as possible.

Ethics: Always respect everyone involved in our businesses – employees, partners and clients. And acting with full transparency and honesty.

Our commitment to our clients: To gain our client's fidelity by operating in a planned and professional way, and always working to deliver more than expected.

Social Responsibility: To enable personal and professional growth to our employees, to respect the environment and systematically collaborate with children's educational projects.

Positivity: Always focus on the positive side of any event, finding ways to grow from crises and enabling an organizational climate that favors the company's growth.

Participation and cooperation: To cultivate an atmosphere where team work and respect to different opinions are prevailed, therefore favoring initiative and creativity.

Trust: To express mutual trust and respect, and engaging to gain the same from our partners and colleagues.

Win-win relationship: All involved in our businesses must grow with Target – everyone has to win.



Target is conscious of its responsibility to society and believes that social responsibility is capable to promote a great transformation is Brazilian's human and environmental scenarios. Therefore we do our share by enabling personal and professional growth of our internal team, systematically participating in our community's educational programs and contributing to the environmental preservation of you planet.

We sponsor "Fundação Grande Harmonia", a non-profit organization that promotes education to children and teenagers of the Maxaranguape city in Rio Grande do Norte.

Part of our profits is reverted to this entity, that is working to promote a social transformation in this community, by widening perspectives, stimulating dreams and life goals, through building an elementary school, with full-day activities, monthly meeting with the parents and creating an interaction between community and school. Actions that shall improve the population's information levels, and offer them objective conditions to fully exercise citizenship.

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