Understanding the changes and maximizing the benefits of Ex-tariffs
10 Biggest obstacles for companies when importing
Types of Export: Direct, Indirect and Consortium
Artificial Intelligence in Foreign Trade: news and benefits
Importar e exportar

How to import and export Mercosur products?

Brazil currently has several international agreements, from neighboring countries to countries on other continents. These international agreements help economically in the development of new

Importação por encomenda

What is Import to Order?

In Brazil there are several types of importation and one of them is Import by Order. Generally, companies that opt ​​for this type of operation

Órgãos anuentes

Consenting Authority in import and export: complete guide

Every country needs to regulate the entry and exit of goods internationally in order to maintain control over what circulates in its territory and guarantee the safety of its users, especially with regard to products with more technical specificities. This role is usually taken on by bodies that set guidelines and monitor compliance with them.


Import Guide for machinery and equipment for industry

Continuing the previous text, we have prepared a kind of guide covering the aspects involving the Importation of machinery and equipment for the Brazilian industry, demonstrating its particularities and sharing some "tricks", so to speak. Importing machinery: How to prepare my company?


End of Siscoserv

In order to reduce bureaucracy in information systems and facilitate access and maintenance of Brazilian economic activity, the Ministry of Economy, through

Carne Suína

1 Billion Reais in Pork

For the first time since 1997, when the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex) was instituted, Brazilian fresh pork exports reached the mark